Raising a Child As A Couple When You Are Not Married

dating-divorced-couple-with-childrenChildren need love, care and attention from both parents. So, regardless of the differences you have, remember that your children love you both equally. It would be better if you have a good- lasting marriage, but let us face the reality. To some parents, marriage is simply impossible, and if already married, they opt for divorce.

Whilst it is true that many parents can raise children alone, we must admit that this is never an easy task. And besides, a child brought up not knowing one of the parents may have difficult issues to tackle later in life. But, why subject your children to these difficulties while both of you can raise them?

If marriage is not an option, but you learn to raise your child together as a team, you child will certainly excel in life. For instance, he or she is most likely to do well in school, get financial support from both parents, avoid emotional scars associated with separation and most importantly, learn to respect both parents.

No parent would want to see his or her children suffering. However, it is unfortunate that they- the parents are solely responsible for the sufferings of their children. We acknowledge the fact that disagreements are bound to occur in marriage, but must you argue in front of your children? There is no need! However hard it may appear, a child should be made to believe that his or her parents are stable.

In some instances, parents are not able to control their emotions. For example, when frustration sets in, a parent may prefer to bring an outside lover to a matrimonial home. No offense, but this is so disrespectful particularly to the children. You may be thinking that you are frustrating your partner, but that is not always the case. The fact is; some do not care.

No matter how much you hate each other, you can always learn the art of parenting together. And if you are to achieve this, cooperate as parents, let the children see stability and avoid exposing them to intimate life details.

Keep your dating private until you get serious. Its is traumatic for a child to see either parent go out with multiple partners. Make sure you are loyal and don’t have members of the opposite sex over for the night as they might interpret this as you having an affair. In case you are using the internet to find a potential partner, make sure to keep your online dating private too, eras the history once you are done using the computer. The same goes to phone dating; make sure your child can’t listen in if you are chatting on an adult hotline or video chatting on sites like chatroulette.com.